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Frequencies For Australia

Queensland Ambulance Codes
SES Frequencies
Queensland fire and rescue codes.
Queensland fire and rescue fleet.
Queensland Fire And Rescue frequencies
Queensland Ambulance Frequencies
Queensland Ambulance Codes
Queensland Police Frequencies
Queensland Police Codes
New South Wales Ambulance Frequencies

QAS Codes

Code 1 ASAP with lights and sirens.
Code 2 ASAP without light or sirens.
Code 3 delayed response.
Code 412 doing paper work and cleaning car.
Code 413 haveing a meal.
Alpha unit: Intensive Care Paramadic (travel in a sedan alone.)
Bravo unit: Regular ambulances.
Note that the following codes are broken down into 1a 1b 2a etc but i am going to just do the number and what the main problem so please do not get teh code 1 with lights and sirens confused with the following. The following is broken into code 1a 1b etc to give the correct infomation to the units.
1. Abdominal Pains/Problem
2. Allergies/Hives
3. Animal Bites Attacks
4. Assualt/Sexual assualt
5. Back Pain
6. Breathing Problem
7. Burns/Explosion
8. Carbon Monoxide/Inhalation/ Haz Mat
9. Cardiac/Respitory
10. Chest Pain
11. Choking
12. Convulsions/Seizures
13. Diabetic Problems
14. Drowning/Driveing Accident
15. Electrocution
16. Eye Problem/Injuries
17. Falls/Back Injuries
18. Headache
19. Heart Problems
20. Heat/Cold Exposure
21. Haemorrhoge/Lacerations
22. Machine Accedent
23. Over Dose/Poisoning
24. Pregnancy/Child Birth/Miscarrige
25. Suicide Attempt
26. Sick person
27. Stap/ Gun Shot Wound
28. Stroke
29. Traffic Accident
30. Traumatic Injuries
31. Unconciouse/Fainting

Australia frequencies